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FAQ's for Advanced Roleplays Empty FAQ's for Advanced Roleplays

Post  Animare on Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:40 pm

afro Okay peoples, this is the Advanced Roleplay Forum. Advanced means it has even stricter rules than the basic roleplay forums.

1.)No l33t speak, txt tlk, or otherwise improper grammar and spelling. So no spelling stuff like this:
HeLlO HoW aRe YoU?
That is annoying and improper English Grammar.

2.)All roleplays here must be well thought out. That means that means a good plot, good character sheet, good characters in general. It must be organized and have a proper beginning, climax, and end.

3.)No offense to the New Ones but only Residents and above can post roleplays here. New One's can participate here though.

More will be added as they think of them.
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